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"Today’s world continues to run at an increasing pace every day. With the mobile phone, email, digital media, facebook and twitter is almost impossible to find a moment of peace and tranquility to gather one’s thoughts and to focus on oneself. I have been seeing Fiona for almost one year and from the first session she has taught both me and my wife how to take control of our minds and focus on relaxing our inner thoughts. We have attended seminars suggested by her to learn how to realign our energy and strengthen our resistance to outside forces and pressures. I look forward to our monthly sessions to re-enforce our techniques and truly miss those sessions when they are postponed or delayed due to my travel schedules. Thank you Fiona for your teaching and guidance. I will be using this for the rest of my life." Robert Barnett

"My husband and I have been coming to Fiona for almost a year now, for monthly one hour energy balancing sessions. Through her work and techniques, we have been able to feel more relaxed, focused and balanced. We look forward to our monthly sessions. Thank you Fiona for your wonderful work! We are blessed to have you in our lives!" Ana Barnett

“Fiona glides over your physical body with gentle electric vibrations that soothe the emotional body and touch the soul. She brings high vibration to her bodywork leaving you totally relaxed and rejuvenated.  Her kinesthetic talent pinpoints trouble areas and offers quiet relief through both her massage and Reiki healing expertise.  Treat yourself!”  With love and gratitude, Elsie Kerns

“For my first massage, this experience was wonderful and a pleasant connection with Fiona.  I feel like a new person from my back pain and shoulder being tense. Fiona got to the right spots and kinks and worked them out. I feel like a well oiled machine. Wonderful experience! I recommend her to the fullest and can’t thank her enough.  Thanks again,”  Brian Dovidas

 A few comments from patients at Project H.O.P.E., Inc. in Camden, NJ.

“Fiona does an extraordinary job! She is amazing! Thank you.”  

“She is an outstanding massage therapist…please keep her around she is very effective and I enjoy every bit of the session.”

“You have a wonderful person who I think knows her job very well and is good at it.  Thank you.” 

“Fiona is the best that I know and I’ve had sessions with her since she’s been here keep it going on!!”

“Fiona is an excellent relaxation specialist.”

“I thought it was very helpful with my pain and an excellent stress reliever.”

“Fiona is a very generous woman whose work helps me to relax; I enjoy her sessions and always look forward to seeing her.”

“It was a very good calming and soothing experience. Thank you!  I need more of this in my life.”

Fiona Hesketh, LMT BCTMB  

856 906 7393